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Friday, March 13, 2009

13th March

Smew: The female was still present, it was sitting with one of the males in area 26 at 9.00am before flying out on to the main lake.
Water Rail: 2 birds still in the ditch in area 2.
Redwing: 8 birds flew through.
Siskin: 4 birds in area 24.
Goldfinch: 60 birds around the park, most in area 24.


castlehaven said...

Spectacular male Brambling on low level feeder Area 26.
Male Blackcap too same placem
Female Smew in same roost

Tony Duckett said...

Yes, the little blighter flew off before I got the chance to photograph it this morning.

castlehaven said...

Was definitley NOT expecting to see a Brambling - I had assumed that they had all gone north by now..!

I got three looks, two long-ish, one very fleeting.

A Patch tick for me - when was your last for the Park Tony? If I recall, they show up infrequently?

castlehaven said...

And I'm sure that you spotted my deliberate mistake: I meant Area 24...

castlehaven said...

Forgot to say: Litle Grebes seemed to be nest building in Area 1/2