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Thursday, March 19, 2009

19th March

Male Blackcap enjoying the insect bar, in area 24

The female Blackcap seems to prefer the seeds, or it could be that she hasn't tried it yet and dosen't know what she is missing.

The Herons in the nest nearest to Baker Street featured last week are growing rapidly.
Great spotted Woodpecker drumming on his favourite tree on the Bandstand Island, area 6.
Not a bird I would normally photograph, but this bird looked quite smart with the blue background.

Chiffchaff: two birds singing, 1 in area 1 and another in area 2.
Blackcap: a pair were on the log feeder in area 24.
Siskin: ten were in area 24 briefly this morning, others were heard flying over.
Yellow-legged Gull: the adult was bathing on the lake at 1.00pm.
Black-headed Gull: the greedy little blighters are down to ten.
Common Gull: 1 bird on the lake.


Peter Dixon said...

Hi Tony - nice photo of the Greater Spotted! Do you ever get lessers in the park?



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

Since the demise of the mighty Elms Lesser Spots have become exceedingly rare. I think we relied on birds moving our way from Hampstead Heath and beyond. I am not sure if there are any still on the heath. I haven't heard them, when I have been up there to look for them.