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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25th March

Collared Dove in the Nature Study Centre. This was the opportunity I have had to take a photo of this species and the one below. They are normally only seen flying over.

The photo above and the two below show an adult and third summer Great Black-backed Gull. I have seen more Meditteranean Gulls on the lake than this species.

Yellow-legged Gull above and Lesser Black-backed Gull below.

But what is the bird in the photos below?

Smew: female still present.
Great Black-backed Gull: A pair were on the lake at 1.45pm.
Yellow-legged Gull: The adult was on the lake this afternoon.
Collared Dove: One was feeding on the ground under the feeders in the Nature Study Centre this morning.
Redwing: Three birds possibly roosted in a Holme Oak in area 18.
Blackcap: A male was singing in area 18 at 6.00am.
Chiffchaff: Two birds were singing from the islands on the main lake.
Linnet: One flew north at 8.30am.
Jackdaw: One flew NW at 8.25am.


Morg and Rose said...

Hi Tony,

I find gull i.d. challenging but I'll put in an opening bid.

Is it a Lesser Black-Backed Gull of the race Larus fuscus fuscus (Baltic Gull)?

Best Wishes,


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Morg and Rose.

I agree, it looks pretty much like what I would call a Scandinavian Lesser B B Gull. Though I could be wrong, maybe someone more into gulls can verify its ID.