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Thursday, March 26, 2009

26th March

The wild female Smew in area 26 with a male bird from the collection.

The wild 1st winter bird in the foreground is paler than than the older collection bird in the background.

Just as the wild Goosander of a few years ago, she has learnt to use the feeder with that contains food specifically for fish eating ducks.

Great Black-backed Gull adult male above and the pair conducting part of their courtship display.

This photo though not the sharpest shows how much larger and heavier billed the GBB Gull is to the pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the foreground.

Smew: Still present, spending much of the day in area 26. It was seen flying around the main lake at 8.30am before setting down on the south-east side of area 5.
Great Black-backed Gull: The pair were back this afternoon and going through some aspects of courtship display on the banks of area 5. This island at the moment resembles one more likely to be found at the coast, with a large group of gulls and Cormorants roosting on it.
One singing from area 6.

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