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Friday, March 06, 2009

6th March

The female was still present this afternoon in area 5

Businees in Hyde Park allowed us to pop across to KG to see the three owlets and their parents.

Smew: The female was again roosting on the island in area 5.
Yellow-legged Gull: An adult was on a post in the lake at 8.25am.
Jackdaw: One flew south at 1.25pm.
Redwing: 5 flew north at 6.45am.
Blackcap: A pair in area 24, the male was singing and visiting the seed feeder.
Siskin: Still at least six birds in areas 24 to 26.
Goldfinch: The park seems to have Goldies at every turn, at least 45 birds are present.


Peter Dixon said...

Hi Tony

Which are the exact areas on the map that house the collection birds?



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Peter.

Most of the collection are housed in areas 1 and 26. There are however a few species on the lake i.e. Whoopers, Barnacles, Bar-heads, Common Shelduck, some but not all RC Pochards. If you are looking for the Smew it dose go into area 26, it's head is not a rich chestnut and the grey is also paler than the collection smew.

Peter Dixon said...

Thanks Tony, I got a good view of the smew and one of the rails on wednesday morning.