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Sunday, March 08, 2009

8th March

Two of the owlets in area 11, both had to be rescued and placed in a conifer for their own safety this morning.

Tawny Owl: Having first thought that there were only three owlets yesterday(including the dead bird), a fourth bird was seen this morning in area 11.
Redwing: 26 birds flew west through area 11 at 7.00am.
Siskin: several birds were still in area 24.


Spoonbillz said...


I work in the zoo and would love to find these owls- could you give me any more information on where they are?

You can email me on

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

One rail was showing nicely this morning after some waiting! A greater spotted woodpecker and goldcrest kept us company while we waited though, together with the usual finches and tits on the feeder behind the bridge. 13-15 or so goldfinches on the feeder north of the lake together with a few greens and chaffs but no siskins. I had a discreet look around the conifers with my binos from a distance but couldn't spot the owlets.