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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14th April

Northern Wheatear on the cricket squares.

Occasionally found food on the AstroTurf wicket

Crayfish have been very noticeable around the edge of the lake especially in area 26.

Oystercatcher: The first for about sixteen years flew in from the SW at 7.30am. I heard it calling and was looking skywards for it. I was surprised to find it flying just above the lake and heading straight towards me. It then veered and headed off to the east. I phoned Dave who I hoped was somewhere near, luckily enough he to connected with the bird.
Peregrine Falcon: A female was seen at 10.35am and again at 12.40pm, when it was in the air above the park for over 5 mins.
Great Black-backed Gull: Two birds flew east at 8.30am.
House Martin: Three birds were over the lake at mid-day.
Northern Wheatear: A male was on the cricket squares for a while, until to much disturbance forced it to depart.
Meadow Pipit: Two singles flew west.
Jackdaw: One flew in and perched with the crows by the lake at 7.40am.
Willow Warbler: Six birds were singing around the park.
Chiffchaff: Three birds were present.
Blackcap: Six males and three females were present.
Linnet: Two singles flew north.
Siskin: A flock of fourteen flew north at 11.00am.

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