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Sunday, May 10, 2009

10th May

Garganey: drake still presentin area 1.
European Shelduck: A pair were seen flying north at 10.50am.
Peregrine Falcon: The female was seen at 8.35am and 2 males and the female were seen again at 11.30 am. The male from the city chased off the other male.
Turtle Dove: One flew west at 8.15am, this species deserves mega status within the London area, if not else where.
Collared Dove: Two birds flew NW at 8.25am.
Swift: An increase in the number of birds seen above the park.
House Martin: The local population seems to be increasing slowly.
Reed Warbler: Five males were singing today, from area 2 and 25 and 26.
Greater Whitethroat: One was seen and heard briefly in area 26.


Debbie Pledge said...

I came on Saturday and saw four male gargs in area 1. One was close by a female at all times so I thought it was a collection bird. As for the other three, I could not tell wild from collection. Looked on their legs for a band but not even sure if you use those on your birds. I really wanted to add this to my life list!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Debbie

It tries but never gets a chance to get to close to the females. So it is normally nearer to two males, though not always. Even though it hangs out right by the bridge on ocassions it always looks more nervous than the collection birds.
I hope you get a chance to see it before it goes, if it goes. I doubt you will ever get this close to a wild bird again.