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Saturday, May 02, 2009

2nd May

A truly magnificant plumaged drake Garganey

Common Tern

Sorry the site has been quiet for the last four days, but a birding break in Norfolk was called for. Luckily enough I didn't miss much, the first Greater Whitethroat turned up 29th along with a pair of Common Terns. The first saw a Reed Warbler take up territory in the reeds by Hanover Bridge, area 2.

Todays Birds;

The drake is stil present in area 1.
Common Tern: The pair are still present on the main lake, the female appears to have a droopy wing.
Common Swift: Four birds flew north.
Barn Swallow: One flew north.
Northern House Martin: Four birds were over the lake.
Greater Whitethroat: Single males were singing in areas 25 and 29.
Lesser Whitethroat: One was singing from the island at the end of the lake in area 26.
Reed Warbler: One in area 2.
Chiffchaff: Three males were singing from areas 1, 29 and 33.
Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 2.

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