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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5th May

Garganey: Drake still present in area 1 and trying to muscle in on one of the female Garganey's in the collection.
Common Tern: A pair were over the lake until 7.35, when they flew off towards Brent Resevoir.
Swift: At least twelve birds seen, some of which are probably birds that hope to breed nearby.
Sand Martin: One flew east at 7.40am.
Swallow: Ten birds flew over in one's and two's.
Wood Warbler: One flew from the Bandstand Island and into The Holme, area 7 at 7.50am. It reappeared briefly after a few minutes feeding in a Sycamore. Unfortunately it flew deeper in to the grounds and was not seen again.
Sedge Warbler: One was singing from deep inside the shrubbery bordering the American Ambassadors Residence, area 31 at 1.20pm.
Reed Warbler: Still only two birds at the northerrn end of the lake.

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