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Friday, June 12, 2009

12th June

Large Skipper (above), I am not 100% sur on the one below, it is similar in apearance to the above but is smaller with rounded wings.

These caterpillars I would normally have thought to be recently emerged Peacocks but they are normally on nettles. These were on rough grassland, with not a nettle in sight.

A brief of the last few days:

Greenfinch: A leucistic male has been visiting the feeding stations around the park from 7th.
Grey Wagtail: 3 on area 6 at 7.55am on the 9th.
Collared Dove: Two birds flew east at 8.05am on the10th
Common Tern: Two birds flew in high from the north at 11.30am on the 11th.

The long staying drake has just started to moult.
One was calling from the Oak trees in area 2 at 11.30am, then later in the day it was in area 29. The bird however was never seen.
Great crested Grebe: A third pair has hatched out some young, this time in area 6, opposite the bandstand.
Little Owl: Still no sign of any young.
Common Tern:One fishing around the lake.
Grey Wagtail: One in area 6 this morning.


stuart said...

Fantastic photos of the Little Owl Tony!

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Stuart

He performed very well during the morning, sometimes flying towards me.

Neil said...

I second stuarts comment

Ive had a look for your caterpillers but cant fiond an exact match