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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

9th June

BoldStill nothing new to mention.

Little Grebe:
The pair in area 26, are constantly on guard, trying to make sure that the nearby Coot family don't come to close and possibly eat their eggs.
Kestrel: The three young in area 25 have all fledged successfully.
Herring Gull: Two nest on the island in area 5 have 2 young in. There is one nest with a solitary egg in that has yet to hatch.
Yellow-legged Gull: A third summer was present on the lake this afternoon.
Grey Wagtail: Three birds were on the banks of the Bandstand Island this morning.
Blackcap: Several families of recently fledged birds have been seen in the last couple of days.

Yellow-legged Gull 3rd summer

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