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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nothing new to report, most birds are now busy collecting food for their young, or beginning to form small roaming flocks in the case of the species of tits.

Herring Gull: Four pairs are nesting in the park.
Common Tern: Seen daily, must be breeding at Brent Reservoir.
Grey Wagtail: The two juvs were again present.
Goldfinch: Several juveniles are turning up at the feeding stations.

I am not sure if we have lost one of the chicks, as I was only ever able to see together at any one time.

The pair in area 9 have three chicks.

A pair of Green Woodpeckers have been busily feeding in area 25 and 26, hopefully they have some hungry young nearby. Note the ants around this birds neck.

The passage of Painted Lady Butterflies has stopped, but there are a few still present in the park.

Two fairly similar looking dragonflies,(above) Four-spotted Chaser and Broad-bodied Chaser (below).

Bumble bees are drawn to a seeping Oak that is gradually dying.

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