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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15th July

I am sorry that the site has been quiet for over a week, computer problems. Fortunately you haven't missed anything, as far as I know.

All I have to mention:
Little Grebe:
The pair in area 26 lost their only chick, unless they are very good at hiding. The gulls and even the herons have been seen plunging in to the water whilst trying and succeeding in catching ducklings.
Kestrel: The three young on Primrose Hill fledged successfully, but have to put up with the Magpies hassling them.
Collared Dove: One was perched in a tree on Primrose Hill, a day after I saw a pair in nearby St Johns Wood. I they finally moving in to Central London?
Grey Wagtail: Still up to two birds are being seen in areas with water nearby.
Chiffchaff: A scruffy adult was seen in the reeds in the Wetland pen. It could be an early migrant or one of the birds that had bred in the park.

Lesser Black-backed Gull with the remains of a Hedgehog

Adult and juvenile, possibly the fifth pair to be successfull this year (a record).

Red Admiral


Green-veined White

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