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Thursday, July 02, 2009

2nd July

Still waiting for birds to start moving. Maybe a Green Sandpiper from Brent Resevoir will drop in.

Two different males have been seen hunting in the park.
Yellow-legged Gull:
The adult is present most days.
Herring Gull: The young on the island in area 5 are still growing well, last year they had died by this time.
Reed Warbler:
Pairs are feeding young in areas 2 and 25.

The Little Owl has been showing well this week. I didn't get around to looking much last week. Unfortunately there are still no young.

The changes in colour when the sun is out make a world of difference. The round headed look to the bird below was caused when the bird had just been scratching his head.

Green Woodpeckers in and around area 25. There were three juveniles present this afternoon. On ocassions the male bird wood attack them, then seconds later would be affectionate as he fed them.

Little Grebe in area 26, there is one chick visible, the other egg is yet to hatch. The pair in area 2 were feeding one chick on the lake this morning.

This Emperor Dragonfly (above) and Black-tailed Skimmer (below) show the signs of battle.

Common Darter (above) is the first male of the year and was in the wetland pen.

Burnet Companion (above)

Bush Cricket (above)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures as ever Tony! Hope the little grebe chick hangs in there.

All the best


Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Pete.

They always seem to struggle to rear a complete family.