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Thursday, September 24, 2009

23rd September

Hobby: One juvenile over the lake at 12.40pm.
Swallow: eight flew north.
House Martin: twenty-five over the lake.
Northern Wheatear: one on the numerous roap pins in area 27.
Reed Warbler: two birds in the wetland pen, area 25. One of which has been present since Sunday and had a large percentage of feature that were drawing me towards Marsh Warbler.
This bird had a growth on its face, which is causing it some distress and possible resulted in some of its features to change a little, such as colouration and posture. The second bird though only seen briefly had very pale legs, but it's shape was more Reed Warbler like.
Chiffchaff: twenty birds present.
one flew west at 7.50am.

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