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Saturday, September 05, 2009

5th September

These two pictures were taken in the park at 6.00am.

One of two Spotted Flycatchers in area 26 today

Ruddy Darters mating in the Wetland Pen, 16 were on the wing today.

Common Buzzard: one headed north at 11.45am.
Swift: one was feeding over the lake at 6.30am.
Tree Pipit: one flew south at 8.40am.
Meadow Pipit: three flew south-west at 10.45am.
Spotted Flycatcher: two birds were in the goose grazing pen, area 26. View from the gate near the bridge.
Blackcap: three birds in areas 24 and 29
Chiffchaff: twenty-five birds scattered around the park plus one of the race abietinus in area 26.
Willow Warbler: two birds in area 25.

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