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Sunday, October 11, 2009

11th October

Water Rail: one in rail ditch, area 2.
Egyptian Goose: forty-four present roosting on boats at 6.30am.
Red-crested Pochard: sixty-five birds on the lake.
Chiffchaff: four birds in area 26.

visible migration
Skylark: two flew north.
Meadow Pipit: six singles
Pied Wagtail: eleven birds flew through.
Grey Wagtail: two singles.
Goldfinch: thirty
Redwing: twenty five flew west in two groups.
Song Thrush: eighteen flew west.
-four flew through in a mainly westerly direction.
Chaffinch: sixteen flew through.


castlehaven said...

Late AM wander around the Park on Sunday..:

30+ Jays in practically every area, all very active. Abnormally large numbers..?
Very active, sizable Long-Tailed Tit flocks in Areas 1, 2, and 27.

Piers said...

Hi Tony,

Very interested to hear about the marine wildlife on your Cornwall trip - did you spend much time at sea to come across all these basking sharks and so on? I once saw a sunfish in Barcelona aquarium, it would be amazing to see one in the wild!



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Piers.

I hope you are well. All the whales, dolphins and sharks were seen while sitting on the cliffs at Lands End. My friends and I became one of the tourist attractions at this amusement type park. We will feature in quite a few holiday snaps.