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Saturday, October 17, 2009

17th October

An hours spent looking for visible migration from 7.50am - 8.50am produced:

Ring Ouzel:
one flew north with a Redwing at 8.03am.
Woodlark: one flew west at 8.08am.
Rock Pipit: one flew west at 8.15am.
Golden Plover: four flew south at 8.18am.
House Martin: one lingered for a few minutes from 8.20am.
Fieldfare: twenty-six flew west.
Redwing: three hundred and seventy flew west in small flocks.
Meadow Pipit: eight singles flew west.
Linnet: two birds flew through.
Siskin: one bird east.
Jackdaw: two flew west at 8.17am.
Sparrowhawk: one possible high passage bird headed south.

In the park;
a female was in area 26 at mid-day.
Chiffchaff: one in area 26.
Water Rail: one in the rail ditch.

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