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Sunday, October 18, 2009

18th October

Ring Ouzel: one was flushed from wetland pen, area 25 at 10.25am.
Redwing: fourteen birds headed west.
Lesser Redpoll: three singles flew east.
Water Rail: one in rail ditch, area 2.
Yellow-legged Gull: an adult on a post on on the lake.
Little Grebe: three birds on the lake.
Shoveler: three on the lake.
Collared Dove: one flew north.


Anonymous said...

"ouzel from the pen"

Tell me your kidding, please!

10 minutes after I go - and I had to cook my own breakfast!

Daniel Bosch said...

2 Water rails on the Rail ditch at 6pm. So easy to see form the bridge!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

I am so sorry that you missed it. We flushed it berry bushes near the bird bath. We only saw it for a few seconds and the views were not the greatest.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Daniel.

I hadn't seen the two birds at the same time for almost a week. I presumed that they were both still present as the tend to feed at opposite ends of the ditch. Saying that today they were feeding side by side, so I take it that they are male and female. The bird from the end nearest to the bridge strutted his stuff and fanned his tail when the other bird approached.

Thanks for the info


Chris Wyse said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for showing me around the park. I had a great time. It looks like I missed a few birds, though.
I see that you saw some Redwings, Redpolls, and a Collared Dove. Did you see those later, or did I just miss them?

I never made it out to the heath. The rest of my time in London was spent doing the typical tourist attractions - London Tower, Windsor Castle, Kew Gardens. Didn't see any additional birds at Kew.

If you or anyone else in the group comes out my way (Connecticut), be sure to look me up ( I'd be more than willing to take you to some of the better birding spots in the area.

Thanks again.