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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

3rd November

The Water Rails in area 2 are really enjoying life in and around the feeding station.

To see the latest Water Rail stand by the gate and view the area marked by the red dotted line in the photo below.

Here is a quick review of last weeks birds plus todays highlights.

1000+ Woodpigeons.
2 Skylarks.
200 Redwings.

2500 Woodpigeons.

1 Rock Pipit
1 Skylark

300+ Redwings
20 Fieldfares


Little Grebe:
three birds on the lake.
Egyptian Goose: fifty seven birds were on the grass bordering the lake this afternoon.
Red crested Pochard: a fl0ck of forty-five birds were displaying on the main lake this morning.
Water Rail: two birds in area 2 and at last one in the Wetland, area 25.
Redwing: eleven birds stopped of briefly.
Tree creeper: one bird was seen in area 26, so hopefully both birds are still present.
Meally Redpoll: a bird that was probably this species flew west at 8.10am.

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