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Sunday, December 20, 2009

20th December

Another hard frost, with a dusting of snow.

I flushed two birds this morning, one from the NW corner of the open spaces at 6.55am and another bird from the Leaf Yard Wood, area 29 at 9.50am.
Fieldfare. three were in area 30.
Redwing: slightlty fewer birds were present today, with no visible movement going on.


Reuben said...
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Reuben said...

As nobody has tried your quiz yet, I'll give it a go even though I'm very unsure:
1. young bird of prey? don't know which though.
2. Little stint?
3. Knot?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Reuben.

Thanks for having a go. I am not sure if others have seen it yet or may be don't think of it as a quiz.
It would be nice to see how many get all three correct. I will not say how many you have ID'd correctly apart from saying that you haven't got 100%.