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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd December

Meadow Pipit in area 2

Fieldfare feeding in my garden, by St Marks Bridge.

Redwings also in the garden

Yet another hard frost. But according to the weatherpeople it should start to warm a little on Thursday.

Meadow Pipit:
One was feeding amongst the leaf litter in area 2 this morning. It must have been really hungry as it was very tollerant of dogs and dog walkers. This is the first record I have of a bird on the ground during the winter period.
Redwing: One hundred and ninety-six birds flew through in no particular direction. A small group continued to feed on cotoneaster berries in my garden.
Fieldfare: One still present in my garden and a couple flew over.
Chiffchaff: One was feeding amongst the reeds in the rail ditch.


barlow said...

Just seen four redwings in my Kentish Town garden, 9.00 am, 31 December.


marissa buschow said...

Hi! I'm from the US and am spending part of December/January in London. I've been wondering what the big flocks of songbirds are that move around the city, feeding on tree berries, and just got to see some close up in some bad light - they looked like some sort of thrush, and Redwings seem to be closest to what I remember. Are they common throughout the city in winter? Is there another species that would be a likelier suspect?