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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12th January

The snow and ice at last is slowly disappearing and not a moment to soon. At last the ground feeding birds have somewhere to forage. Two casualties of the snow were Herons that were possible caught by foxes. During the cold spells of years ago this species would move of to the Thames and beyond in search of food. Unfortunately today they have come used to handouts from unthinking members of the public. This may have tied the birds to the site as there were birds often seen standing on the frozen grass around the lake waiting for their daily snacks. These are by no means large enough to sustain them.

Below are some photos of the more unusual waterfowl species present at the moment. Sorry about the quality, really gloomy conditions and the fact the birds were a fair way off didn't help.

Mandarin Duck: When counting them this afternoon I had managed to get to sixty five. Something then caused the waterfowl and gulls to take flight. There were still some that I hadn't yet got too, some I am sure there were more than Sundays count of seventy two.
Common Teal: Three drakes and two ducks were present by area 5.
Red crested Pochard: sixty two were present today.
Gadwall: twenty two were on the lake.
Redwing: ninety two were present in small flocks.
Fieldfare: five flew through.
three were birds were in area 24 this afternoon. Though frustratingly elusive after they were flushed from scattered bird seed in the Elm scrub.

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