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Monday, January 18, 2010

18th January

The thaw continues with only a very thin sheet of ice remaining on half of the lake.

Common Teal:
a flock of nine 4m 5f were on area 5 at noon. This is the largest flock ever recorded in the park.
Wodcock: a bird was flushed from the Leaf Yard Wood in almost the same spot as Friday's bird.
Water Rail: the two birds are still present.
Redwing: one hundred and twenty were scattered around the park.
Goldcrest: four birds were feeding amongst the roses in Queen Mary's Gardens, area 12.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
HAve you ever had a male firecrest? I seem to remember several females reported on you blog in recent past but never males?


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

We have had males in the past, but the last few sightings have been females.