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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20th January

Little Egret: one was mobbed as it flew low north at 6.55am, it may have roosted with the parks Herons.
Common Teal: eight birds were around area 5.
Mandarin Duck: still good numbers present.
Peregrine Falcon: two sightings probably involving a bird flying west at 8.45am and then flying east at 12.50pm.
Water Rail: only one seen, but time wasn't spent looking at the site.
Redwing: Still plenty of birds dotted around the park. They seem to be be very nomadic, in that they are always on the move.


david said...

just to say what lovely photos, i am always walking my dogs over regents park and didnt really notice the wildlife untill now this as really opend my eyes, thank you

Tony Duckett said...

Hi David.

The aim of this blog and my main site, is to highlight the birds and other wildlife that can be found in the park. I am glad that you have enjoyed the photos, It isn't something that I know to much about, it's more a case of being in the right place at the right time.