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Saturday, January 23, 2010

23rd January

Female Smew on area 5, could it be last years bird (bottom picture).

A dull dat that only got duller, with the exception of two bright moments

Brent Goose:
a tight flock of six birds flew south south east at 10.55am.
Smew: a female was on the side of area 5, is she last years returning bird? We will have to see if she stays and start consorting with our males again.
Redwing: numbers seem to have dropped significantly, either that or they were hiding from me.
: seven birds were seen, with a couple of males singing strongly.


Gav said...

I remember when you pointed out the Smew to me last year Tony. Must see it again this year. Had a major score the other day with a sighting of 2 Bitterns in the Barnes Wetland Centre. My first ever Bitterns!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Gav.

Every year I mean to pop over to Barnes to see the Bitterns. Somehow I have never done it yet, what a waste of membership. We were only saying on Thursday that it would be great if the Smew returned to the park. Having spent so much time here, and food a plenty, we have often had returning waterfowl.

All the Best