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Sunday, January 24, 2010

24th January

Not an awful lot to report, other than good numbers of waterfowl.

The female was in the Long Bridge Sanctuary, area 26 this morning. She was mixed in with the collection birds, behaving aggressively towards the two females.
Common Teal: thirteen birds (a new record) were on the lake, on the eastern side of area 5.
Mandarin Duck: a minimum fifty six were on the lake, counting these is slightly harder than the other waterfowl as they tend to tuck themselves in amongst the low branches of trees and shrubs.
Gadwall: twenty eight birds were present.
Shoveler: fifty two were on the lake.
Red crested Pochard: sixty six present.
Green Woodpecker: singles were seen in area 1, 7, 25 and 29.
Great spotted Woodpecker: three males drumming.

Part of the largest flock of Common Teal recorded in the park

Nineteen Herons nest were being guarded by adults. As soon as the snow began to melt birds rushed to stake a claim on a nest site.

Female Blackbird visiting the rail feeding station.

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