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Monday, January 04, 2010

4th January

The wetland scrape is frozen solid, if there was a wintering rail here then it has surely moved to warmer pastures.

Feeding time in area 26, and the number of wild waterfowl joining the collection birds is increasing.

Water Rail: one was seen briefly in area 2.
Redwing: forty-six were present in small flocks.
Fieldfare: eleven landed in area 1 at 9.50am.
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Reuben said...

Hi Tony, are you going to reveal the identities of the birds in the pictures you posted on 17 December yet? Nobody else seems to be having a go at guessing and I'm keen to know the answers! :)


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Reuben.

If can recall you had correctly identified (I nearly said guessed) the two waders. Little Stint and Knot, the other bird was a little bit more difficult due to the strange angle. That was an Azure-winged Magpie. I will have to dig up some others if the birds in the park do not improve.


Reuben said...

Azure Winged magpie?!!! No wonder I didn't get it. And 'guessed' would probably be the more accurate word to use, although I prefer 'correctly identified' :)