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Thursday, January 07, 2010

7th January

Feeding the waterfowl on the ice helps to create a larger area of water. This is due to their combined weight braking large chunks off. This then thaws out due to the amount of disturbance they cause whilst feeding.

The rail ditch is almost completely frozen over, but one bird can just about be made out using the feeding station.

The cold weather finally saw a few birds moving over the park. This weather is really going to affect those species where insects and other invertebrates form a a large part of their diets if not all. Though fresh water wading birds will also be affected.

Water Rail:
only one bird was seen in the rail ditch, area 2 this morning.
a flock of eight flew south-east at 11.40am and then a single bird flew west at 12.20pm.
Skylark: one flew east at 8.ooam.
Hawfinch: the back end of two flew east at 8.10am.
Fieldfare: thirty-six flew though in small flocks.
Redwing: sixty-eight were seen, some passing over and others looking for food.
Chiffchaff: one was in area 10 this morning.

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