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Friday, January 08, 2010

8th January

Strange plumaged Black-headed Gull present on the lake from mid morning.

Egyptian Goose: forty eight present in area 26.
Common Teal: 2 females first seen in area 26, before moving to area 1.
Northern Shoveler: twenty four birds commuting between the open patch of water on the main lake and area 1.
Mandarin Duck: at least thirty eight birds present.
Red crested Pochard: fifty two present.
Redwing: thirty two birds feeding around the park.
Fieldfare: four single birds flew through.


grant'bros'prater said...

Hi Tony seems like your b h gull is commuting from beddington s farm which was seen earlier this week,nice bird though G bros beddington

Tony Duckett said...

I thought that such an interesting looking bird must have been somewhere else. Thanks for the info.


Bill Haines said...

Hi Tony,

this, or a very similar looking bird, was at the Round Pond, Ken Gardens yesterday afternoon.

Bill Haines

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill

I know that this bird was present in Regent's until at least 1.30pm. I very much doubt there could be two knocking about unless they were from the same parents.