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Saturday, January 09, 2010

9th January

Common Teal: seven birds were present, mainly around the edge of area 5.
Northern Shoveler: fifty eight were also by area 5, though some were commuting between there and area 1.
Gadwall: sixteen in area 5.
Mandarin: at least thirty present, but they are hard to count as they hide deep in shrubs on area 5.
Red crested Pochard: thirty eight in area 5.
Tufted Duck: three hundred and twenty present.
Pochard: two hundred and seventy present.
Redwing: thirty plus very mobile birds.
six flew through.


Bill Haines said...


Thanks for your reply concerning the B-h Gull. I am going to be doing some bird survey work in Regents Park this year for the BTO looking at Parakeets and their effect (if any) on native cavity-nesting species (nuthatches, 'peckers, etc). Are you around either Mon or Tuesday this coming week to meet up for a brief chat? Sorry to post this on here, but don't have a direct e-mail for you. Please e-mail me. Cheers, Bill Haines

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill

I am around either Monday between 1.00am and 2.30pm or Tuesday again similar times. You can find one of my email addresses on the Londonbirders forum under arduck....


Tony Duckett said...


If you phone the Regent's Parks office on 0207 486 7905 between 9.30am and 10.00am they will put you through to me.

Bill Haines said...

Thanks Tony,

I'll give you a call tomorrow am.