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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17th February

Sorry the site has been quiet lately, but things have been very quiet. With the same birds in the same numbers still present. This means that the Smew is still present.

I popped up to Norfolk for a long weekend staying near the east coast. Sightings were what you would expect from that area of Norfolk at this time of year. Lots of divers, geese, cranes, harriers and Grey Seals. The highlights are shown below.





Snow Buntings beachcombing


castlehaven said...

I envy you the Waxwings Tony! They seem to be all over East Anglia, but none that close to London..!

Tony Duckett said...

Sorry Francis.
I didn't mean to make you or others envious. It took me many years before I saw my first birds. I was upset that father wouldn't let me have a day off from junior school, when there was a flock near his work.

castlehaven said...

No worries Tony! I actually have to get up to visit friends in Suffolk soon, and there do seem to be a few flocks there, so I will probably bunk off for an hour to see if I can catch up with such lovely birds...

stuart said...

Lovely snow buntings too!