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Monday, February 01, 2010

1st February

Water Rail in area 2.

Smew: female still present in area 26.
Water Rail: two still in raiol ditch.
Redwing: twelve birds in London Zoo, feeding on the ground in the wildside area, by the canal.
Fieldfare: two single birds flew over the Zoo.
Treecreeper: one was calling and feeding in trees just north of Longbridge, area 26.


bruce said...

02.02.10 Sure I saw a buzzard circling in Central London last night at dusk.
I was at the top of Centre Point. It was gliding south across Oxford Street, probably at about 300feet then circled Post Office Tower & was joined by another. Their behaviour suggested that they could be a pair. They both then seemed to vanish into the top of the tower.
Any corroborative sightings? Bruce McKay 07703 46 3000

Tony Duckett said...

I am sorry about the late reply, Laptop issues. An interesting observation, I wonder if they were looking to roost in one of Central London's green spaces. I do not think there has been many if any sightings in the heart of the capital this year. I you sure that they were buzzards and not a LE or SE Owl'? you never no what can fly over.