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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23rd February

The awful weather continues, and no it isn’t good weather for ducks. It is really a case of nothing has changed, although I haven’t seen the female Smew since Saturday.

Below are a couple of snaps of Redwings on Marylebone Green, area 10.DSCN6902





Gav said...

Hi Tony,

I thought I saw 4 Stock Doves on one of the playing fields this morning. Is this possible? Also saw 20 male Red Crested Pochards chasing around with no more than 10 females. Are these all yours? They were down by York Gate.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Gav.

Yes they can be found feeding on the open spaces, though not in large flocks. I still have 22 that come to feed in my garden every afternoon. With regards to the R.C Pochards you could say that they are not mine as they started turning up a few years back and would be prolific breeders if we didn't take their eggs away if found in our duck nest boxes. When the drakes are chasing the ducks, on fine days they can be seen a really high altitudes.