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Saturday, February 27, 2010

27th February

Smew: female still present in area 26

Redwing: 150 in area 10 and 38.

Of interest nearby.

I took my wife for a walk around Golders Hill Park this afternoon, which is the first time that I had ever visited this site. Bird seen there were 25 Redwings and 14 Siskins. In one of the aviaries were a pair of Stone Curlews one of which was calling. On leaving the park I drove up to towards Finchley in the hope of seeing a Waxwing that had been coming to a tree outside the Total Garage. I didn’t have to wait long before the bird showed, other birders there had been waiting for almost 1.5 hours.


While at the Waxwings location the behaviour of some photographers left much to be desired. These people had no consideration for their quest for the perfect shot. If they had stood back, the bird would have behaved and fed in a more natural manner, rather than grabbing a juicy berry and flying off. Then those who had been waiting along time for the birds arrival could have enjoyed it more.




Gavin said...

Would be great to see a waxwing in the UK. I saw one near Chicago last year which was my first ever. Can you tell me which Total Garage you are talking about?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Gav.

Follow the Finchley Road up through Golders Green and on towards Finchley, as you cross the North Circular after 100m there is a Total Garage on the right. It's favoured tree is right in front of it.

Good Luck

Peter Dixon said...

Hi Tony

Is there a tube nearby?



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

at the moment there has been no news on of the Waxwing. I should think that going by bus up the Finchley Road is the best option or a bus from Golders Green towards Finchley.

Dave Sargeant said...

Tony great you were able to get the Waxwing. I love ohotography but am also concerned about how some photographers go about it. Thanks to your blog my wife and I had a great time and some good shots at Regents on 5th Dec. Before I went to see Donnie Rovers beat Palace. Donnie ( my home town ) had some good shots as well. Dave.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Dave.

I am glad my blog was able to be of some use to you and your wife. It is always nice to see Waxwings, even if on this occasion there was only 1. Birders taking photographs is certainly increasing at an alarming rate. The main problem with this is that they do not consider the birds welfare enough.