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Sunday, March 21, 2010

21st March

The overnight rain had moved off by first light, with a light westerly breeze blowing.

Grey Heron: One nest has had young birds calling since 16th.

Smew:The female was still present.

Water Rail: One seen this morning.

Common Buzzard: One flew south at 9.55am.

Osprey: A bird that was almost certainly this species glided south-west at 10.00am.

Red Kite: Two flew south-west at 10.05am.

Great-Black-backed Gull. Three flew north at 9.58am.

Stock Dove: Eighteen birds were feeding in my garden by St Marks Bridge.

Redwing: Twelve birds were feeding in area 19. Thirty-six birds flew high north over the lake.

Chiffchaff:Two singles were singing in areas 29 and 30.

Firecrest: A pair were present though quite mobile in area 29.


Firecrest female in area 29 (much to mobile to digiscope) 



Chiffchaff singing in area 29


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to come and try and see those firecrests at some point!



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

No sign today, but they could still be in the area. They were working along the fence that separates the wood from the rough grassy area, particularly near the Holme Oak at the end of the chestnut fencing.


Gavin said...

Funny that you mention seeing the firecrests as I saw a goldcrest today on a silver birch in area 24.

Piers said...

Hi Tony,

Osprey reminds me of our little walk last year.

A robin fledged in our garden this morning - how are the breeding signs in the park after the terrible winter?



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Piers.

Things here are a little slow in getting going. Herons 1 nest with young, Robin laid 3 eggs, then deserted them. Two weeks later built another nest on top of the old one.

The Osprey we were lucky enough to enjoy was superb. The one and I am sure it was one was almost orbiting the earth, it was so high.