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Thursday, April 01, 2010

1st April

Great Crested Grebe: 2.5 Pairs

Little Grebe: 3 pairs

Common Teal: One pair still frequenting the Wetland.

Red Crested Pochard: 35 birds present (21m, 14f).

Mandarin Duck: 26 birds present (15m, 11f) several pairs are prospecting for nest sites along the canal.

Sparrowhawk: One pair displaying over area 14.

Rook: One flew north at 1.20pm.

Blackcap: Four males singing.

Chiffchaff: Eight birds present in areas 1, 26 and 29; only three birds were singing.

Willow Warbler: One singing very quietly in the goose grazing paddock, area 26.

Portugal 2009 228 

This strange little bird was present in a wetland


Drake Red Crested Pochard can be seen chasing the ducks around the skies, on occasion going up to great heights. They should be on the alert for hunting Peregrine Falcons. The bird below wasn’t that high.




carpenterdb said...

Liked the April fools joke, or was it jokes, regarding the red crested pochard.
Have heard that the Tate peregrines nest site is going on camera. Makes it easier for Dave.

Happy Easter.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Dave.

Just the one joke taken on last years Algarve holiday. It will not be the Tate Peregrines but another pair that are breeding in London.

Anonymous said...

Tony I was at the park this morning, there were shelducks everywhere!! How many do you have in your collection?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Pete.

I am not sure exactly how many we have. We do however have one fully flighted male,who's parents nest was so well hidden, the first we new of it was six ducklings swimming around. Unfortunately for them the gull polished most of them off. We do have a fully flighted pair that turned up last spring and summered. They disappeared during the autumn and winter but returned a couple of weeks back. They can be anywhere but have taken a liking to the Wetland Pen.