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Saturday, May 01, 2010

1st May

Little Grebe: Three pairs, two on the main lake and the other in area 26.

Great crested Grebe: Three pairs on the main lake.

Sparrowhawk: Two high flying birds.

Swift: Twenty five passed through.

Swallow: Three flew north.

Lesser Whitethroat: One singing in area 2 at 6.00am, but not seen or heard when looked for later.

Willow Warbler: One in the Leaf Yard wood feeding high up in the canopy.

Chiffchaff: Three singing males all in the NW sector of the park.

Reed Warbler: Three birds, two of them singing in reeds around Hanover Bridge, area 2.

Blackcap: Nine males singing and five females seen.

Goldcrest: Five males singing.

Linnet: One flew north.


Common Swifts are now seen daily in the skies above the park


Wren concentrating on blasting out his song



Green Woodpecker after his morning bath.


Sparrowhawk male with some primaries missing


Cormorant commuting between his fishing grounds in west London

and his nest site at Walthamstow Reservoir


Mallard duck trying to loose the persistent  drakes.


I thought this looked a bit arty


My friendly snake was back in the garden yesterday and today



Neil said...

wow what species is that snake? Looks similar to the Aesculapian

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil.

I presume it is aesculapian. I see that you had a good time at Rutland Water. I am off to Norfolk next weekend, hopefully the birds will be good. Maybe I will get time for a few photos.


Piers said...

I think you meant 'bumped'...?!?

I love the photo of the five mallards. Very nice composition, funny, playing with the 'flying ducks' cliche, and it tells a story. Do you look at the BirdGuides photos of the week? I think this is a match