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Saturday, May 22, 2010

22nd May

Not had much time to bird the park today. I had to to what all good husbands do and take my wife for some retail therapy. Once back in the park, 5000 runners, football tournament and hundreds of sun worshippers made the park an unpleasant location for migrants.

Below are a few photos taken recently that might appeal to some of you.


Recently fledged Hedge Sparrow


Not the most comfortable place to sunbathe


Not the best time of the year if your a newborn duckling


The next set of photos show a Greylag Goose trying to crash through dense undergrowth, for a reason only he knows.





Who’s bum is this?


And finally for those aviation lovers. This noisy snooper hovered

above the garden. Maybe I look a bit dodgy in shorts?


Lynn said...

Hi Tony

Do you know if the great crested grebes near the bandstand still have a chick? I saw them with it earlier in the week but yesterday could only see one chickless adult.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Lynn.

I haven't looked for the past few days, so I am can not really say. Great crested Grebes for a while now have had a hard time rearing their young. I really do not know why.

castlehaven said...

Aaah! An EC-145 as operated by HM Plod. Common resident species...