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Friday, May 28, 2010

28th May

Common Tern: one fished the lake at 7.00am, before heading off towards Brent Reservoir. Another bird flew off NE at 9.15am.

Grey Wagtail: A male sang from a dead branch by Heron Island, area 7.

Lesser Whitethroat: one singing in area 31, but very hard to see.

Common Whitethroat: a male also in area 31.

Reed Warbler: the male that had been holding territory in the Wetland Pen, area 32 was chasing away a newly arrived male this morning. During the afternoon he was seen courting a female.

House Sparrow: a male was on the feeder in my garden for the second afternoon in a row.


What fledgling species is this showing off doing one legged pull-ups




Above is the adult