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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

7th June

Red Kite: One was seen in the city being chased off by a Peregrine Falcon. The observer phoned me to say he thought that it was heading in my direction. Sure enough 5 minutes later at 9.30am a bird flew high west along the southern edge of the park.

Common Tern: One popped in to do some fishing at 8.30am, before heading back to the Brent Reservoir.

Common Whitethroat: The male was heard singing intermittently from area 31(check the map to see the recently changed location numbers).DSC_0048-2

 DSC_0015-1 DSC_0039-1  DSC_0057-4

The male Kestrel in area 32 is now in heavy moult   DSC_0060-4

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