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Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th July

Curlew: one flew north over Primrose Hill at 6.50am.

Siskin: two birds flew north over Primrose Hill at 6.45am.


Common Tern catching Perch and then having a shake to remove water from his feathers.


A little later on he nearly looses one. It is a shame the picture is not quite in focus, but they are tricky little blighters to follow.


At least two terns were fishing around the lake, though one bird was more dominant.


The juveniles on Primrose Hill, area 42 are becoming stronger on the wing. The problem with the Magpies and Crows is a major issue.


This juvenile is taking cover from Magpies by staying close to the foilage of a nearby tree.


The juvenile below, on the other hand in area 32, has become a much more accomplished flier.



The Common Whitethroats are feeding their young on small spiders.


This juvenile Chiffchaff in the Leaf Yard Wood, area 40 is still being fed by his parents.

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