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Thursday, July 22, 2010

22nd July

At the moment the lake is looking and smelling awful as a dense bloom of suspended algae covers it.

 Common Gull: a very early adult was on the lake 19th with two present 20th.

Yellow legged gull: the adult was on the lake 19th.

Common Tern: tends to scoop fish from close to the surface, rather than diving in to the murky waters.

Tawny Owl: three were perched in a tree by Capel Manor’s classroom in area 18 on 20th.

Chiffchaff: four birds were seen amongst the tit flock in Queen Mary’s 18th, with other sightings of birds most day’s.

Common Whitethroat: at least four young fledged on Sunday 18th and can be heard and seen feeding in the Silver Birch trees by the nest site.

DSC_0011-4 The female looking bright and chirpy just after her young left the bramble patch that they nested in.

DSC_0027-2 Juvenile keeping deep in cover.

DSC_0003-1 A couple of days later this young male is popping up and feeding in the tree canopy.

DSC_0004-3  DSCN8997  


A small flock can be found feeding on the dry open spaces on Primrose Hill