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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

6th July

Still pretty much the same as it has been for the past month. Though if you are into invertebrates, some of the more established margins in areas 32, 34, 36 and 40 have species that you might find interesting, being in Central London.

Bird news:

Tawny Owl: The two juveniles in area 18 can sometimes be seen when the Jays, Magpies and other birds give there whereabouts away.

Little Owl: The event on Cumberland Green on Sunday didn’t seem cause any distress.

Kestrel: The juvenile in area 32 and the four on Primrose Hill(now all fledged) are doing well, though a lot of the food that comes in is quite small. Meaning that the parents are having to work overtime.

Little Grebe: The pair just south of Longbridge are still feeding young on the nest, so the exact number is not yet known.

Stock Dove: A record 32 were feeding in my garden by St Marks Bridge this afternoon.

Common Tern: The bird from Brent Reservoir still makes his regular trips to the boating lake.

Black-headed Gull: The numbers are steadily building up on the lake. They never used to return until the last week of July.

Kingfisher: One was in the Nature Study Sanctuary, area 1 yesterday at 7.00am. It flew towards the main lake and out of site.

Grey Wagtail: Three birds were around the park.

Reed Warbler: Three pairs are now feeding young.

Chiffchaff: Four males have been singing in areas 1, 19, 39 and 40.    


Little Grebe juvenile, though I don’t think he will be flying with those wings yet. 










The pair in area 31 continue to feed their young in the nest 



Juvenile Blackcap in area 31.



White Letter Hairstreak feeding on damp soil in area 18.


Debbie Pledge said...

Like the White-letter Hairstreak. Went to Horsenden Hill to see some recently. Now have 100 moths on my garden list.

Tony Duckett said...

I haven't had the moth trap going in the park this year so far. To many bird issues to deal with.