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Thursday, July 08, 2010

8th July

Common Crossbill: two birds flew NE at 6.10am and were very vocal.


Common Tern: 3 birds were fishing around the lake at 9.30am.

Yellow legged Gull: 1ad plus 1 3rd summer were on the post in the lake at 8.10am.

Grey Wagtail:  a family group of 5 flew over the zoo, there were also 2 singles around the lake.


Common Whitethroat: pair area 31 feeding young, hopefully this will be the first successful pair since 1996.



A round up of what has been occurring in some parts of London with this species is coming soon.



carpenterdb said...

Peregrine falcons I presume.

Regards, Dave

Tony Duckett said...


That is indeed correct. I have had the privilege to observe several pairs of this spectacular falcon in the Capital this year. As part of my job and as member of the London Peregrine Partnership. I am just waiting to see if I have the opportunity to get back down to Vauxhall over the weekend.

芳容222許林堅林芳容儀 said...


carpenterdb said...


Saturday I start the marathon watch of Misty & Bert at the Tate Modern. Bit dissapointed with only two eggs. Do you think this is her last year of breeding.

Regards, Dave