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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10th August

A bit of a damp day. When it did stop during the middle part of the day a few things showed themselves.

Reed Warbler: Birds were seen in area 2, 32 and 39.

Blackcap: The brambles in area 40 & 41 are holding at least 8 birds.

Willow Warbler: 2 in area 39 flew to area 41.

Here are the names in to the birds from the Peregrine Falcons dinning table. With the terns being the only ones that we were not 100% about.






Shaun harvey said...

I thought it was interesting to see the variety of species of heads in the display, something that I would of not of been able to see.So thanks

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Shaun.

It was something that I never thought that I would have seen a few years ago. Thanks to Dave my work colleagues passion for this species it is possibly going to become more regular. In the past while watching the Central London pair, he has said that he has seen this species or that species of wader cached or brought to the nest. Now with the London Peregrine Partnership we are more likely to visit sites, to check on the birds or offer advice, so that the species can continue it's spread in the capital.

Anonymous said...

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carpenterdb said...

Great pics Tony. A few years ago, while manning the peregrine information centre at the Tate Modern, we found a peregrine pellet containing the bones of a barn owl. It's really amazing how many different type of bird they will go for.


Devil Birder said...

Very interesting, just shows how many birds pass through the area unnoticed.

Devil Birder said...

2nd from bottom a Little Gull perhaps?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Devil Birder.

Little Gull was our first thought, we just weren't sure if the bill was to long.