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Saturday, August 28, 2010

28th August

Wood Warbler: a very frustrating bird gave me the run around in amongst a large tit flock that were feeding in the tall Poplar trees in the Wetland Pen. They then moved into the Willows at the end of the lake in area 34. The bird then flew towards the Silver Birches in the Cricket Pen and couldn’t be relocated.

Pied Flycatcher: While checking the roving tit flock as it moved through the lakeside trees, this bird suddenly flew into view at the top of a tree. It fed in the canopy, but suddenly all the birds vanished into cover as the male Sparrowhawk appeared just above the trees. It couldn’t be found after that.

Spotted Flycatcher: One was following the tit flock, again it wasn’t the most showy flycatcher, keeping in amongst the branches and popping out to grab something every now and then.

Garden Warbler: One on the island in area 34.

Blackcap: three birds were feeding on berries at the end of the lake, area 34.

Chiffchaff: fourteen birds were counted amongst the tit flock.

Willow Warbler: six were also with the tit flock.

Swallow: one flew south at 8.20am.

Sand Martin: one flew SW with three House Martins.

Sparrowhawk: two resident birds were seen and two very high passage birds headed NE at 11.30am.


The photos show well the barring on the underside of the pesky Sparrowhawk that flushed the Pied Flycatcher. 






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