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Friday, September 10, 2010

10th September

Osprey: the third of the autumn was seen from in almost exactly the same place as the other two records. It was also heading in the same SW direction at 1.30pm.

Swallow: twenty flew SW in small groups.

Tree Pipit: one flew SW at 7.10am.

Meadow Pipit: two singles.

Reed Warbler: one in the Wetland Pen area 32.

Common Whitethroat: one in area 31.

Willow Warbler: four in area 31.

Chiffchaff: ten in area 31.

Blackcap: twelve in areas 31 and 34.

Spotted Flycatcher: possibly two in area 31, but with a roaming tit flock.

Osprey at 1.30pm.







Piers said...

Do you think they're tempted by those lovely big fish swimming around in st mary's gardens lake?

Tony Duckett said...

I think that they would need a bird with immense strength to lift one of those.
As a lot of sightings of Osprey's are on a very similar line, I was wondering it there was some kind of unseen line to the naked eye that they are following.