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Friday, September 03, 2010

3rd September

Didn’t have time to get around our usual walk due to other work commitments, so didn’t see many warblers.

I had a phone call from Rupert at the Wetland Centre just after 11.00am. The trouble was that I couldn’t take the call as I was on my way back to the park from St James’. When I checked the answer phone message at 11.15, he had said that a Montagu’s Harrier was heading in our general direction. Within a few minutes we had picked up a very high flying large raptor. As much as we tried there was no way that we could turn this Buzzard into a Monties.

Todays other news:

Common Buzzard: two singles seen, 1 at 11.20am heading east and another at 12.25pm heading south-west

Hobby: one was catching insects high over the zoo at 1.20pm until it was chased off by a Sparrowhawk.

Sparrowhawk: birds were seen regularly over the park, all were thought to be local birds.

Swift: at least four were seen while sky-watching at lunchtime.

Swallow: birds drifted through at very high altitudes.

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